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Work, Family, Diwali, Routine, Anti-routine | Report 286

06 Nov 2022 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 286, another two-week report spanning Bombay and Bangalore!

Super productive at home – although it was a 3-day workweek after Diwali, i worked through the weekend with a bunch of ideas running through my mind throughout. Good to be back in Bangalore and going through the wfh/office routines. i try to engineer every day at work thematically different from other days, which helps me focus the day’s energy on specific goals. Going to start indexing more on “patience” in my head going forward.

Strategic patience pays off!

Learning about the market cycles, and watching it unemotionally – figuring what it means for us and whether it requires changes to my personal investments. Building in the next few years is going to be something i wish i look back and learn from. Documenting this week’s learnings from the internet: would have to start thinking end-2024 as the end of this cycle, we’d see more layoffs in the tech ecosystem but more broadly, we’d see unemployment as a characteristic to this recession. Start figuring where to deploy capital. Not sure if this is a lot of fear-peddling, but something i’m watching!

Been thinking of a quantitative measure of “pushing myself harder” at work, and more broadly assessing whether a project/goal/day is more success or more failure – helps with being unemotional about assessing myself and others! Huberman’s suggested engineered structure around “80% success, 20% failure” is a good question. Listening, pointing and sharing the transient feelings about work is super important. A sense of never-seen-before urgency at least once a week is required, am i noticing that?

Routine is fun when the action plan is well laid out and the predictability helps with maintaining balance, great for the marathon. In Bombay, i ran every day in the morning and that set me up well for the rest of the day. Anti-routine is fun when i’m in figure-out mode and am completely engrossed. When in such situations, routine comes in the way – and the trick is to crack when to switch to which mode efficiently!

Celebrated Diwali with a bunch of parties with the family friends, drove the car around and played teen patti in the nights. Fun birthday party for the sister before leaving Bombay, ate too much sugar and enjoyed the time off. Going back always grounds me to where it all started and helps with the reality check.

Anukshi and me are back to in-person this week, and it’s been fun zooming out over the weekend, riding the Ather around the city and being spontaneous. Distance does make the heart grow fonder :))

Fitness log:

  • Week 1: 7 runs(completed 9 on the trot), such beautiful routes in the colony makes it incredibly difficult to miss even a single morning. Finished October with 41.6 kilometers
  • Week 2: 2 runs, 1 workout - been really off-routine this week with 4 rest days in total. Getting back on the log next.

Keep hammering!


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