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A month away from the blog, a month plugged into life | Report 287

03 Dec 2022 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 287!

This has become my official power song, to be played before my first BJJ fight. Kidding!

It’s been really irregular on the blog, and i’m not going to pretend this is okay – need to get better at carving out the time for these on weekends. A few weekends were busy yes, but a weekends i just lost momentum and then the task seemed too big to pick up. The last couple weeks, i’ve been on the log at work consistently - demoing every week and pushing to think/work on difficult problems. Prior to that, i had a flux-y couple weeks where i visited Bombay for a visa appointment and then hosted Gyani at home for a week!

Been continuing on the theme of urgency in my work, but one thing that i need to take stock of: is this something that is worth investing the amount of time! Why is something important now, and having enough proof/antiproof points to back the decision, and share it with the team – meaning that i need to be spending enough time thinking about the why. Been dividing my days: Mondays are more ‘set the direction’, Tuesdays to Thursdays are more ‘pedal to the metal’, Fridays are more ‘wrap things up, prepare for the demo’, weekends are rest + think long. Dividing days into themes helps narrow the aperture of focus. Worked from a bunch of different places over the last month, a couple times from WeWork BKC and a couple times from WeWork Koramangala – always fun changing things up!

A month ago, i started training with a personal trainer with the aim of bulking. About 40 days in, i’ve gained 3.3KGs and the gains are slightly visible. DOMS on the first few hard sessions were intense. The goal is to reach 72 KGs and that’s still 9 kilos away. Training to failure is so much fun, i’m unnaturally pumped up on the days when i work out with the trainer. i started logging my diet on a daily basis for a couple weeks, but soon realized the act of logging is too much of an overhead and gave up. Diet is what makes or breaks the bulk, and i’m still figuring out the optimal diet here. Realized that being in India, i can take advantage of personal trainers. If i don’t bulk now, youth will pass by and i’ll be missing the PRs of my twenties. Running & cycling is out of the schedule now. Chicken, greens, red bananas, milk, protein shakes, protein bars, and more protein – all day!

Not reading as often as i’d like to - will try to actively force myself into night reading. Church Street inevitably turns into a Blossom visit with Anukshi and that means more books bought, but none finished! Gyani came over for a week or so, fun catching up on his stories, even more fun watching the Swiggy orders come in all day. Went out one night in Koramangala and attended a jazz concert, figured that i might want to learn drums as my instrument! Danced away the night and realized the next day that this dancing in the club thing needs moderation. Met up with a bunch of boys from the tennis team and the wing over a weekend!

More time with Anukshi helping me make sense of life better – laying the foundations! Type-A driven people that we are, it’s fun to look at relationship building as a skill to get better at. Read somewhere, “Buildings that lie so exposed to the weather need a good foundation” – and that’s what this time together means. Whizzing around Bangalore with her on the weekends is the best thing!

Bought a thumb piano for Mom for her birthday and played that for a bit. Weird how looking back at the month, small things like these shine. Life’s beautiful!


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