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First player games | Report 288

18 Dec 2022 . category: report . Comments
#houseware #startup #bengaluru #routine #fitness

Welcome to 288, still a couple productive weeks left before the new year!

i realized that i engineer most of life in first player games, as much as possible. Whether that be how i spend time at work, in relationships, in workouts, or even commute! Good to know this tendency - helps see where decision making stems from.

Work was fun, as i explored a bunch of new problems and saw the usual cycle of left and right zig-zags through the days. Did a user group event with Snowflake where i talked about our architecture and product! Important to see things for what they are, not be swayed by the illusions. Came across the concept of “infinite learners” recently, and this is what i want to embody for life!

Hit the gym 4 times this week, good effort and growth in the lifts. However, not happy with the bulk - weight has stagnated for the last 7 days, need to pump up more cals and protein. The weight scale is my daily check-in, best accountability partner. Sleep cycle’s been good as i woke up before 7am thrice this week.

Spent some time thinking forward(next few months and years), and did a rough draft of big goals for 2023. Good weekend as Anukshi and i went on a couple long walks along the lake, ate good food and watched Messi win the World Cup. Life lessons everywhere!

Short report this time, but consistency is key. Keep hammerin’


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