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Goals, Family, Travels, Introspection | Report 289

01 Jan 2023 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 289, Welcome to 2023! So many numbers we humans count, none of which matter to the cosmos.

Heavy on consumption at work, wrapped up the sprint with a few outside-in usecases in mind. Took a couple off-days in the last week of the year, as i travelled to Chikmaglur for a weekend trip and then back to Bombay for about a week.

Charted out a set of goals for 2023:

  • Stronger, bulkier, fitter than I’ve ever been: hit 75KGs at ~12% body fat
  • Being the leader that I would look up to: get better at understanding ecosystem, market, people, communication
  • Read more: Have a set of 15 books on the list, using Slack as my accountability partner here
  • Technicals: Getting better with a bunch of frontend, backend and infra frameworks: able to ship end-to-end 0-1 products independently!

Have realized a slightly different definition of purpose and love recently, where i’ve started to visualize Anukshi and me as a unit instead of it being much more of a greedy pusuit. Beautiful trip to Chikmaglur as we trekked up the tallest peak in Karnataka, feasted on a good Christmas dinner, all good exercises in interroception. Weird how going out makes you peek within.

Bombay is always fun, good fun as i worked a few days before heading out to Alibaug with family friends. Met Sodhi in Seawoods, never not fun - caught up on everything under the sun! Navi Mumbai looks like a good place, amazing growth since when i used to go to college to Nerul back in 2012. Celebrated New Years with family and a bunch of uncles/aunts – can’t get over how weird the concept of new year celebrations, but i won’t complain!

Realized how the concept of “first-player games” described in the previous blog report manifests itself – i’m not willing to listen to “life wisdom” from gurus, instead i’d be happier and take longer to land onto the same set of learnings by myself.

Currently standing at 65KGs, as i put in 3 gym sessions two weeks in a row – decent growth in bulk. Bumped my toes into a stone and i suspect a mini-fracture – not going to xray it and live blissfully in ignorance.

Keep hammerin’


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