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Stir it up | Report 290

08 Jan 2023 . category: report . Comments
#houseware #startup #bengaluru #trekking #fitness

Welcome to 290! Writing this from a Third Wave on Sunday evening :))

Work’s been intense as the whole team is back in BLR planning out the year! As a team, we did a lookback, discussed projections, went bowling on Friday evening and had a bunch of meals together around Church Street & Indiranagar. Good exercise in looking forward as Divyansh and i spent a good amount of time together. Ended the week with an early morning Sunday trek to Makalidurga, i end up getting competitive in all situations and race up to the summit in the pursuit of dopamine.

The nights have been exhausting, and i haven’t been able to read. This shall change.

Fitness log: Only 2 workouts with the Coach this week and a 2-hour trek. Still hovering around 65KGs, the diet hasn’t been great with the office schedule this week. The toe is recovering well, but i’m pretty sure it’ll take a while to get back to 100% – not going to risk it with BJJ any time soon.

R&R day on Saturday as i ventured out into the city with Anukshi and her family over a good bunch of meals! Human interactions are fascinating, always fun to observe and learn – especially when i can go in third person and watch the self.

Been using this new product called rewind.ai, which positions itself as my second brain. Got myself a pair of drumsticks and a practice pad to learn drums this year. Fun new toys!

Keep hammerin’


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