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The pendulum shall swing | Report 291

15 Jan 2023 . category: report . Comments
#houseware #startup #bengaluru #fitness

Welcome to 291!

Was an early to bed, early to rise week - good on discipline, high on learnings!

Spent a couple days in the customer’s office, working on different problems - always pumps me up for the days ahead. i need to put in more time preparing for meetings where i’m interfacing with the world, whether that be internal or external. Over the last year or so, i’ve realized the value of understanding the product & the market deeply and i need to double down on this – go one layer up, think ahead and lead.

The pendulum of thoughts and conversations will always swing – that’s the job of the pendulum. My job is to identify the swing and make sure it’s under my control.

Watched a short documentary on Warren Buffet which re-emphasized the value of concerted effort on core competencies while being impossibly patient. When thinking about focus, i visualize the magnifying glass – which can burn a piece of paper when angled correctly!

It was recently grading day at the JiuJitsu gym, and inspired me to get back on the log. “A stripe on the White Belt” – adding this to the list of goals for the year. i know stripes and belts shouldn’t be the primary motivators, but i’ll run with this anyway!

Put in 4 gym workouts and two easy runs this week - hovering around the 65-66KG mark. Threw max effort earlier today on abs, and came back drained.

Fun weekend as i met up with family on Saturday for a meal and some time together. Good conversations with Anukshi & worked from cafes on Sunday, writing this blog from one opposite the lake :)

Life’s beautiful, keep hammerin’


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