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Already one month in?! | Report 292

29 Jan 2023 . category: report . Comments
#houseware #startup #bengaluru #fitness

Welcome to 292, a two-week report!

Work’s been fun as i explored a couple problem statements at the customer office, so many learnings everyday! Been reading and thinking about different tangents to our product, while building a better sense of how to operate for the long-term in the current times. Need to know when & how to switch back & forth between intense focus on the the day-to-day, when to engage the team on something and zooming out to see the large picture myself.

Need to rely on first-principle questioning and thinking as soon as something ‘unknown’ pops up – and if i feel like i’m not ready to go deep, it means i’m not prepared enough. Was watching Djokovic on the Australian Open finals today, and i realized that we both are elite in our own domains. i need to be treating me and my work as the ‘best in class’, and back myself to set examples for the world. This narrative shall carry me across a lot of those self-doubts that could crop up in meetings and my brain. i shall visualize Djokovic on Rod Laver Arena, and play my game as he would play his!

More than halfway through “Trillion dollar coach” – super book that reaffims a bunch of what i’ve learnt along the way myself! Will be penning down all notes by the end of this month.

Fitness: currently at 66KGs, which is a 1KG delta from the last blog! Put in 3 workouts + 1 BJJ sesh consistently across both the weeks & an additional tennis session earlier today with Sid! Everyday i wake up, a different body part hurts which is so interesting to observe. The gut is not in the best of health, and i should be adding a few alkaline elements to the diet going forward!

Been cafe+restaurant hopping around the city with Anukshi over the weekends, which gives us a good chance to intersperse work with time off out in the open! Fun catching up with Sid over tennis and the finals today - my bet is on Djokovic to race past Rafael over the next couple years.

Keep hammerin’


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