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Playing the GAME | Report 293

05 Feb 2023 . category: report . Comments
#houseware #startup #travel #fitness

Welcome to 293, writing this report from Kanpur on a Sunday afternoon! Funny how there is one constant throughout the weeks and the years, but the situations/locations keep changing!

Fair to call it an intense week at work – did a bunch of customer visits, moved to a new office in Indiranager, but couldn’t get good blocks of time to do focus work myself. As time unfolds, it becomes clearer by the day that everything is a single-player game and we need to keep pushing. As Huberman says, “forward center-of-mass”.

Was listening to Jocko talk about the different games, and heard him mention about tactics and strategy. Realized that i lean more towards tactics whenever i’m looking at something new – should be more mindful of how to attack strategy first and then let tactics follow!

On the fitness front, i put in 3 gym workouts and 1 run – been starting the days with high energy and feel super grateful for my health. i’ve been away from injuries and illnesses, thank the lord! Currently standing at 66kg.

Anukshi’s best friend is in town, super fun to make new friends and look at lives from their perspective. This Saturday, a bunch of us headed to Wonderla(Bangalore’s Essel World+Water Kingdom) and i realized something interesting about me: As a child, i used to be reckless and go on every other slide & ride, but now i look at each ride and think about the downside of an injury. Because of the fact that i enjoy my day-to-day so much, i don’t want to risk the sacrifice of my well-being for the reward of a 1-minute thrill. Also realized that the mind is a helpless slave to the adrenaline of a thrill, and gets addicted very soon – needs to be kept in check!

Kanpur is interesting: i’m spending this time observing my relatives, listening about their day-to-day and trying to understand their behavior.

Keep hammerin’


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