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Did i catch Covid again? | Report 294

19 Feb 2023 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 294, a two-week report!

Was wiped out of action for 4 full days as i went down with high fever, still recovering my stamina from this ordeal. Immunity was mostlikely compromised from the wedding travel, and the lack of rest from the week eventually catches up. Tested for Covid with a home test, but i have doubts on the negative result. Dopamine takes a bad dip when i’m down with the flu as all motivation dries up – and it took me a good couple days to warm up & get back into 100% at work! It’s been one week since i recovered from the fever, but i still don’t feel 100% on my workouts and need more sleep than normal.

Been a good week back at work as i eased into the thick of things by the end. Spun up a new backend service in a day or so, felt good to get the green back on git! Thinking about how to spend we should spend our best time on the really important questions, and not get bogged down the breadth of work. Want to be getting back into consuming/thinking about company & team building as a habit. Halfway through the quarter, i want to bring back urgency into my daily execution. Keep getting lessons in leadership as i go about my day-to-day at work and observe my behavior at the end of the day.

On the fitness front, i’ve just been getting back into action as i put in one easy run, one rather short cardio workout at the gym and one tennis session earlier today. Lost more than a couple kilos as i lost my apetite during the flu, and the weight gain program is underway again!

Anukshi has been a pillar of support, grateful for our time together! Monotony sets in at times when we’re just going through the motions of the day, but it doesn’t change the relationship one bit - which is the real test.

Feel ready to go full throttle this week. Back to hammerin’


Shubhankar is an awesome person. He's Co-Founder at Houseware, building the next generation of Analytics. In his spare time, he likes to go out on runs!