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27 circles round the sun | Reprt 295

05 Mar 2023 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 295, welcome to March!

Turned 27 recently, probably the time when you can start calling it late-twenties instead of mid-twenties! Headed home to Bombay the day after and did small celebrations at home. Birthdays don’t feel very different from normal days, except for the realization that i need to be putting in more work in the body as the counter keeps incrementing. Everything else(experience, money, wisdom) compounds with time, but fitness doesn’t. More upkeep as the machine gets older. Showed my colony to Anukshi and then explored Bandra with her on a Saturday evening, re-realized how much of a soul the city has! After a 48 hour trip, made a dash back to Bengaluru for the week ahead.

Work’s been fun as i’ve been putting in back-to-back 100% days. Recently, i’ve been getting to desk and standups earlier in the mornings and it’s been fun! Difficult to summarize the last two weeks at work – seems like every day’s been intense & different, so i’m gonna leave it at that!

On the fitness log, i put in 3 gym workouts each week and also put in a couple runs in Bombay! i’m unhappy with the fact that i’m taking 2-3 rest days in a week, and i’ll be changing this going forward. Committing to week-long nofap streaks in March. Currently standing at 65KGs, making a few changes to the diet and targeting 67KGs by end of this month.

Watched Jon Jones dominate earlier today, what an athlete. Spent the weekend in R&R, a little bit of reading, and took care of ops/planning for the next few months. Keep hammering!


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