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Serve the mind and the soul | Report 298

17 Apr 2023 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 298, seems like this has now become a biweekly blog.

Travelled to Bali over the long weekend of Good Friday, went down on one knee, and she said yes! Visited the beautiful islands of Bali and Nusa Penida, dipped in the holy waters of Tirtha Empul, and got smashed by waves in the most beautful beach(Kelingking) i’ve ever seen. Walked the streets in Seminyak with the expats, visited the houses of the villagers in Ubud, and headed back home with the wish to go back again! Officially engaged, even more excited for what lies ahead :)))

The economy of Bali isn’t great, and one of the likely reasons is how unindustrialized the islands are. If we had the time, would definitely go deeper in the history of the country, especially how heavily influenced it is by Hinduism. Our host from an Airbnb experience taught us quite a bit about the local culture, and i feel like these are the kind of experiences that more of us should be going on!

A great outcome of such trips is the exposure to the mind about the different cultures, and how it influences our individualistic thinking. When tourists from all over the world visit, the cities often open up its arms wide open for everyone – i’ve now seen this in Bombay, Singapore, and Bali! It shows in the day-to-day interactions with the people, whether it be in the local trains on the harbor line, or the namastes going around in Ubud.

Tangential to the above thread, something Anukshi and i were both reminded of was that the average fitness levels of foreign tourists is through the roof. Calibration in humans is strong, and being in an average Indian city makes us believe that we are all mostly short with a tummy. We climbed down the cliff off the Kelingking beach, and it is one of the most technical hikes i’ve done – it took one hour to get down and 30 minutes to go back up. That hike separated out the fit guys from the rest, and you could clearly see where you ranked against the rest. Genetics don’t help us either. The feeling nags for a bit, but soon after processing the emotion, we realized that the emotion to take home is motivation to become stronger & sexier for longer. As much as we are the average of the 5 people arouond us, we are also calibrated by the thousands of people around us.

Back to home base, got back in the rhythym of work & workouts this last week. Good routine setup at the office, going at max revs right now. Hit three workouts in the last week, and crossed 67KGs with decent nutrition. Watched Adesanya’s post-fight speech, further inspired to go stronger at the gym!

This last weekend was slightly tiring with commute+to-dos in Bangalore, and i crashed for a >10 hour sleep on Saturday night. Recovered on Sunday, edited a small Bali vlog for the gram, and now just getting started with the week on Monday.

Keep hammerin’


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