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Hard choices, easy life! | Report 299

30 Apr 2023 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 299, another biweekly!

Work has been eventful, as the team headed out to Coorg for a 4-day retreat amongst tigers and coffee plants! Good conversations, hard conversations + time spent with the team to lookback at the quarter and plan ahead. Also, ran 15KM through the coffee estates in Coorg, and learnt that Coorgis have the license to carry guns at all times!

Had heard somewhere, “Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life” – and i need to be reminding this to myself every other day. i realized that as founders, we need to be industrious decision-making machines. Skills and execution have their own place, but the pedigree of a founder might very well be how well they can take read a situation and take the right decision quickly!

On the fitness front, i put in 3 gym workouts this week and have crossed 68KGs. Last week, i went on a couple runs + swim in Coorg, and also went out to my first wall-climbing experience in Bangalore! Climbing is fun, i can imagine how the cerebral nature would appeal to people – very similar to BJJ, except that there’s no adversary! The focus for Q2 is to stick to bulking as the main goal, and hit 72KGs.

Visited the dentist earlier in March, and they scared me quite a bit. Scares are good, they push you in the right direction. Got an overall cleanup + filling on my molar – all reminders of the fragility of these bones. Grateful to not have major problems, as i continue living my best life!

Watched the legend of Virat Kohli in-person in Chinnaswamy, as RR took on RCB last Sunday evening! Beautiful match + electric atmosphere, super impressed by RCB’s capitalstic capture on the festival of IPL. Very few players hit a Dhoni or Federer-like stature, and watching the stadium wear Kohli’s jerseys convinced me that Virat had crossed that threshold. The poor guy got out on a first-ball duck in the first innings, but the 30-thousand odd people cheered him on everytime he looked back at the crowd in the second innings. Extraordinary!

Anukshi is back in Udaipur currently, so i’m enjoying the solitude(+missing her) at home. i turn on the IPL matches late in the evenings to turn off my mind before sleeping, easy hack. Chatted with the boys over zoom earlier today, we’ll be continuing these on the last Sundays of each month!

Time to get some sleep before tomorrow, keep hammerin’


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