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June went by fast! | Report 302

02 Jul 2023 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 302! This last month was heavy on travel and first-time experiences, and it flew by quick.

Work has been intense, although i’ve been jumping in and out of action often. Lot of conversations, lot of learnings, and lot of decisions taken, the journey to PMF is such a clusterfuck. Visited the States for a 10-day trip to SF & Vegas, repped the company at the Snowflake Summit and what an experience that was! Did a ton of product demos at our booth, networked at data parties in the evenings, and watched a one-of-a-kind keynote from the Snowflake team. While in the middle of the storm, it’s difficult to see how all these diverse experiences add up – but one thing that’s certain is that these make me a better human chipping away at my craft!

When batsmen face fast bowlers and the ball is in between the 22 yards, the state of mind of these batsmen is something to study! The best of the batsmen have 3 different shots in their mind for any particular delivery, and they subconsciously choose the right one in a few milliseconds. Happens with tennis too, the body subconsciously moves in the right position to hit that backhand down-the-line. This is “flow state”. When i talk about chipping away at my craft at work, i’m thinking how i can replicate this flow state when talking to a customer or taking a decision with the team. Have that straight drive, pull shot and flick all ready at my disposal.

Over the weekend of 10th June, i headed back to Bombay for my engagement with Anukshi! A packed weekend, a lot of meetups with family & friends, and a beautiful Sunday night with loved ones made me feel grateful like never before. Exchanged rings with the blessings of elders, and then danced the night away with friends. Headed out to Indore & Ujjain the next day to visit the Mahakaleshwar temple, and witnessed the “Abhishek Puja” with the Shivalinga. Also had a junk-full dinner at the Sarafa Bazaar in Indore, i’m always surprised by the crowds that food can pull!

4 days of intense action and travel without enough sleep put me in a feverish state for 4 days afterwards. i hate these days, i lose all dopamine and motivation to work, and have to just power through with medicines. A healthy man has a thousand wishes, a sick man has only one.

The US trip included a couple days of stay in the Sunset District, a day in Mountain View, 4 days in Vegas and the rest of the time on flights! The Bay Area was beautiful and terrible at the same time, loved the open parks, the Oceans beach, walking along the Market Street, hated the homelessness & lack of safety. Visited the Pride Parade on a Sunday, loved the essence of liberalism and freedom of speech, hated the division and anger i saw in people. Visited Palo Alto and Stanford, beautiful places - nothing to hate there! Met up with a bunch of school/college friends in the Bay Area as well. Good trip to get a lay of the land of the States, looking forward to more visits and a better understanding of what makes it the greatest nation after all. Direct flights from Bangalore to SF are beautiful, the 16 hours mid-air don’t feel like much when you’re sleeping through them!

The fitness routine had gone for a toss with the fever and travels, had been to the gym a couple times in the last 3 weeks! However, i did sneak in a few runs in SF and the beautiful views reminded me why i loved to run in Singapore!

Anyways, back to the grind with the second half of the year up ahead. Keep hammerin’


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