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The car should run! | Report 303

20 Aug 2023 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 303, phew! This one took a lot of activation energy.

As we grow older, it might seem natural to seek more comfort and balance in life. It might seem like the right thing to find routine and stay disciplined. All that’s cool, but what i truly want to do is seek the extreme. Progress comes from discipline of hitting the gym everyday, but what i truly remember is the PR. Progress comes from the daily standup, but what i truly remember is the day we close the deal. Extremes test the discipline.

The air pressure should be checked. The oil should be changed. The battery should be replaced. The car should run!

Been a busy start to Q3 as i spent the majority of July in Bangalore. Our team was in-person in office, and that always creates sparks of energy! Bunch of learnings for myself as well, never a great feeling to eat shit, but important to stay humble and keep getting better at the craft. Working on product and engineering problems, while having buzzing energy on GTM, calls on me to show up with my best game every day, always better than the previous day!

Travelled to Barcelona for 10 days as Anukshi kicked off her MBA at the IESE Business School, and i couldn’t be more excited for her! Gyani and Sodhi joined us in Barca, as we spent the better part of a week exploring the beautiful city and having so much amazing food. Tapas, si por favor!

New experiences always push us outside our comfort zone, and the prospect of going long-distance definitely puts stress on the relationship. Takes effort to communicate effectively, takes effort to take feedback honestly, takes effort to improve, takes effort to thrive. One of the strongest drivers of action that i’ve felt within myself is the drive to provide, and provide i shall!

Barcelona is a beautiful city, and it’s commendable how the spirit of art is still alive and kicking. Gaudi’s architecture blew me away, testament to how strong the human spirint is. Casa Battlo, a bourgeoisie house of the early 1900s inspired me to no end - makes you wonder why we urban settlers settle for dull 3BHKs. Why be mediocre when you can be Gaudi! It’s definitely not the last time i’ll visit the city – the rich history of the Gothic Quarters, the beautiful man-made beaches, the spirit of the Catalans, all too magnetic to stay away from!

They say if you’re friends for 7 years, you’re friends for life. So grateful to have deep friendships with the boys, and i’ve decided to make time to go on a trip with them every year. There might be a bachelor’s party lined up soon, i’m excited!

On the fitness front, i’ve stagnated at 68KGs now. i don’t like the growth curve over the last three months but i should accept that it’s part of the process. The goal is to get shredded at 75KGs, and that seems such a far way out from where i am. Have a few plans lined up, will be executing and documenting them in the coming weeks.

Monday’s coming soon and i need to get back to hammering.


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