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Optimism is the antidote! | Report 304

01 Oct 2023 . category: report . Comments
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It’s twenty-twenty-three’s last quarter already. Writing this from the boarding gate at the airport waiting for my flight back to Bangalore, back on the blog after six long weeks!

Learning so much at work, as we navigate the different aspects of the GTM motion. Fascinating to see how unknown unknowns slowly get unravelled as solvables. Fun to zoom out and see how decisions on the day-to-day affect the overall trajectory of where we land. Lot of work to be done which humbles everyday, and at the same time, grateful to be able to have these challenges in life!

They say, a fit body, a calm mind and a house full of love can’t be bought, must be earned. i believe a calm mind doesn’t mean a mind that’s lazy, but instead a mind that struggles and grows, and still remains at peace. A lot of what i do on the daily is in the pursuit of the three things, and i’d be happy to live in the pursiuit forever.

Was reading Principles by Dalio recently, and realized how Optimism is one of the core features to live a happy life! In any situation, having the capacity to believe in a beautiful future is key to moving forward, and moving forward is the only way to move forward. Being stuck in a non-optimistic job/relationship would suck out the fun out of life.

Been about 7 weeks since Anukshi and i went long-distance, going strong, we’ll always be strong! Reinventing oneself is important, not just at work, but also at relationships. Different situations in life would demand a different version of us, nature would test us both of us individually, and as a couple. But we keep on moving on :))

My parents and i visited Anukshi’s parents at their place, so much warmth and happiness when there’s a house full of love. Kinda crazy to see how the compatibility in value systems is so organic between our families, shows how a person is shaped so much by their family. Never knew Rajasthan would play such a big part in my life, so grateful!

On the 2nd of September, i embarked on the 75 HARD journey. i’d known of this challenge since about 5 years ago, but i never believed i’d be able to pull it off given my work schedules. However inspired by the recent internet sensation, Ankit from Sonipat - i decided to give it a shot anyway. The challenge involves hitting two workouts a day(one of them being outdoors), reading 10 pages of non-fiction, and drinking a gallon water, everyday. i’m currently on Day 30, and have been religious about the two workouts(the least strenous workout being a 20-minute yoga session). i feel like i’m the strongest i’ve ever been, as my weight hovers aroudn 69KGs.

As a consequence of being on the 75 HARD journey and sharing it on Instagram, it has forced me to be disciplined with my sleep schedules and managing my time better. NoFap streaks are now back, and definitely help me with conserving my energy. i’m currently hitting 5-7 day streaks for the last 3 weeks.

Alright, time to board the flight - keep hammerin’


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