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Q4 in full swing | Report 305

15 Oct 2023 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 305, second consecutive blog being written from an airport gate.

Each day has something to teach, and it’s important to turn up with the learner’s mindset everyday. Last couple weeks have been eventful as we did a quarter kickoff internally and also ran a booth at an event in Bombay. In-person meetings always give energy, and it’s become very apparent to me how important it is for one to stay close to their market.

There’s a thrill to doing customer conversations and driving them forward, potentially moving them to closure. The chase somehow brings alive the hunter-gatherer instinct of the brain, making it so much fun!

Was reading Principles by Dalio, where i realized that one of the core things important to becoming successful in any project is the knack to identify problems, and the tendency to NOT TOLERATE them. If i analyze the way in which i have operated in the past, i can count a bunch of times where i tolerate problems and try to outwork them, not solve them. To improve on this in the future.

Spent the last weekend working, but this weekend was spent at the Bombay residence. Good rest & recuperation, as a bunch of family friends came together to watch the India-Pakistan World Cup match!

Currently on Day 44 of my 75HARD challenge, feeling strong as i will soon enter into the last leg. Some days have been brutal as i’ve had to do a yoga session at 12 in the AM after a long day, but the good outcome out of this challenge has been strong consistency and willpower chanelled in the right place. Currently on Day 9 NoFap, feels good to put in these streaks and stay focused.

Happy that all relationships in my life are at a happy peaceful place. Some days demand the best out of me to stay calm and handle mine/others emotions, and it’s rewarding to look back and know that i did well.

i shall end the blog with a quote that i heard from Chris Williamson, “The magic you’re looking for lies in the work you’re avoiding!”. How beautiful is that?

Keep hammerin’


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