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Three birthdays & Diwali!

19 Nov 2023 . category: report . Comments
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Welcome to 306, writing this at the moment when Sam Altman might just make the greatest comeback at OpenAI! India plays Australia in the World Cup finals later today, turning out to be a rather eventful Sunday!

Been about a month since the last report, and everyone in my family celebrate their birthday in this short window of time. Meeting family + friends for Diwali and playing cards always leaves me with a warm feeling.

Work has been exciting, grueling, fulfilling, all at the same time. As a team, we celebrated us turning two, since when we’d started way back in ‘21! Been such a fun ride, important to always wear the white belt as every day teaches us something new. Currently, cooking up ideas as we design the next generation of analytics. Moved to a new space in our co-working making a 10X difference in how i feel while i work - “set & setting” is real!

Been more than three months since i’ve seen Anukshi in-person, and that’s definitely not easy. Some days are challenging, but i believe the challenge teaches us both how to communicate better, brings us closer together and love with more heart. Looking forward to December when we’re planning to meet :))

On the fitness front, i broke my 75 hard streak after 51 days because of a niggle in my back. Haven’t resumed the daily grind, but still sticking to 3-4 days of gym workouts. Still weighing at 69KGs, looking to mix things up with BJJ for the next 30 days. Aiming to drive discipline in the nights after work, so that i can introduce stretching, reading and sleeping in by 11PM.

Drove in Bombay traffic to pick up my sister from the airport, both proud & embarassed to say that it’s been my first time driving on Bombay’s Express Highways. Surprising how i can turn up one day in a year and still drive decently well, the human body is amazing!

Made a few edits to the home page of the blog, fresher images greeting me every weekend! Keep hammerin’


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