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Taking responsibility | Report 311

16 Mar 2024 . category: report . Comments
#houseware #startup #fitness

Welcome to 311, writing this on a Saturday afternoon after a productive morning!

Work has been fun and fulfilling this week, with a good energetic routine throughout. Spent a lot more time on growth, putting in the reps. Heard somewhere that conviction in what you do is one of the key ingredients for success. Channelling that conviction makes me believe & work through hurdles, irrespective of whether those hurdles exist in my head or exist in reality. Need to do more of “1-to-many comms” with the team, especially when it comes to sharing the why and how of what we do. Critical as the team grows.

i’ve been brewing the concept of “taking responsibility”, the way Conscious Leadership explains it. It keeps my thoughts and decisions in check, makes me question myself, what can i do to change things. Another flavor of extreme ownership. Earlier this week, learnt a whole new definition of “integrity” from the business coach. Being whole, not having unfelt emotions, not having unowned responsibilities, not having unkept promises, not having unsaid statements. So powerful!

Fitness routine has been strong. Put in 3 gym sessions so far along with 1 short run, have 1 more gym + tennis session scheduled over the weekend. Have been hitting the gym first thing in the morning, and then heading to work directly after - helps beat the heat+traffic on my commute. i’ve switched entirely to standing desk work now, sitting is indeed the new smoking.

Keep hammerin’


Shubhankar is an awesome person. He's Co-Founder at Houseware, building the next generation of Analytics. In his spare time, he likes to go out on runs!