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Q2 2024 Recap, Q3 Kickoff | Report 312

30 Jun 2024 . category: report . Comments
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It’s been a minute. More than three months since i wrote my last blog here. Newton was right - things in motion stay in motion, and things at rest stay in rest. Fuckin inertia. Getting this blog in motion now, the blog will remain in motion.

India won the T20 World Cup yesterday, what a beautiful inspiring sport. i remember back in ‘07 when MS won us the cup in Jo’burg, and i was hooked. Moments like these can inspire an entire generation, and teach us all so much. Watching MS & Virat grow in their careers paints a picture of the possible, and pushes me to achieve the same in mine. i visualize what the outcome of my work would like 13 years later, and it drives the hell out of me.

Was trying to recap the quarter for this blog and looked at my whiteboard, the same one that has been installed in my room(s) for the last 8 years. Takes me back through all the different phases, makes me feel so grateful.

I spent the last fortnight of March in Barcelona and Rome with Anukshi. Such a beautiful time with her, visiting such beautiful cities, i couldn’t even begin to summarize the trip!

i’d written a question on my whiteboard, probably 5 years ago, which went like “who will be by your side when you retire?”. i used to wonder that if i wrap my identity in work, does that i mean i never retire, what would happen if i can’t work for whatsoever reason, what does old-age look like. i don’t think about it anymore, but one thing’s for certain – i’ve found my life partner in Anukshi, and spending the rest of our lives together makes me so excited about our future. Not at all worried about those questions!

Switching gears to work, i’ve been immersed in AI. Building, breathing, talking, sleeping AI. Agents are taking over the world, and we’re making important decisions with regards to our product in this era where the concept of software itself is evolving. i spent about 6 weeks in San Francisco, and first-hand saw the magic of the Cerebral Valley. Won a bunch of hackathons, met a ton of hackers, attended data/AI conferences, and also went viral on X. Felt right at home with the energy of the city, it’s unlike anywhere i’ve lived before. i know where i should be moving my base!

Our team has taken crucial decisions about our product/GTM direction, and it’s been a unique metamorphosis quarter from that lens. Important to be macro-patient while going micro-speed! Might share more about these decisions in due time here.

i’ve started writing on Linkedin and Twitter more actively, trying to distill scattered thoughts into artifacts of value. More than anything, it helps me improve my thought process, and i’ll be trying to do this much more often Q3 onwards.

Proud to be regular with my gym routine despite all the travels. Currently at 69KGs with 17-18% body fat. I aim to go up to 72KGs and <15% in Q3. Back in May, i ran SF’s wildest race, Bay-to-Breakers, proud to have completed the 15KM route pretty strong. Have also been on a couple hikes this quarter over weekends, i love these quick getaways. Grateful to have been healthy throughout the last five months, and i intend to keep working hard to keep it this way. Energy levels are better than ever.

Back in Bengaluru for the last couple weeks, and just getting back into routine. The weather’s just perfect, and the energy of the office is inspiring. Done with the blog, back to work.

Keep hammerin’


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