The Path should be clear

26 Jun 2016 . category: Roadmap . Comments
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If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you’re doing it wrong. – Casey Neistat

The primary objective of setting up this blog is to keep myself accountable to my goals. I find myself starting projects and then leaving them halfway. This blog will hopefully keep me in check of my done vs to-do lists.

Many a time, I find the list on my Evernote overwhelming! Many a time, I don’t know where to begin with, switching back to doing stupid things.

Putting things in perspective

  • I have my summer internship going on which takes up a majority of my time during the weekdays.
  • I’m sitting for placements within a month and that should be high on my priority!
  • I intend to keep building side-projects, and keep learning new concepts in Computer Science/Software Dev.
  • My long-term goal for this year is getting within the top 10% of a Kaggle Competition. For that, I’ve decided to commit to Two Kaggle Competitions per month, and work on them seriously!

I commit myself to ONE BLOG EVERY WEEK. This will hopefully get me working on some project or competition every week!

I also intend to write a very FiveThirtyEight-ish blog on data science challenges or projects that I take up in the future.

I hope I stick to my promises! That’s it folks!


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