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I believe that the joy of finishing what one has begun is underrated.

Here is a brief account of what I’ve managed to accomplish in the few days I’ve spent here.


  • I’m a Kernels Expert :) – Ranked 51st worldwide :)
  • Quora Duplicate Questions – Top 12% (379th of 3307)
  • Rental Listing Inquiries – Top 15% (353rd of 2489)


#Data #ML #AI

  • RevMine : A Chrome Extension that uses NLP and IR techniques to extract latent features and their corresponding sentiments from product reviews.
    1. Ranked 4th in the Indiahacks Hackathon organized by HackerEath.
    2. Ranked 1st in HPE Grand Challenge, BITS Pilani
    3. Ranked 1st in APOGEE Project Presentation


Birbal Bot A Telegram Bot that mines customer reviews on mobile phones for seamless conversational commerce. Ask questions like “Redmi Note vs Moto G4” or “Tell me about the best phone with 8 MP Camera within 25K” – Check it out at Birbal Bot

Bro Bot : A Twitter Bot that will tell you the Best X to Have Y with the best Z! Semantic Search techniques were applied on TripAdvisor Reviews. Simplifies the process of finding hotels or restaurants with any specifications you might want.

Dinner Date Bot : A Telegram Bot that will find you dinner dates based on your location and interests. The flow is completely conversational.

Casey Bot : A Twitter Bot that compiles the close-ups from a YouTube video, to generate a new video. OpenCV implemented for face detection and Moviepy for Video Processing.

RecoBot : A DC++ bot that generates recommendations for users based on their shared filelists.


Data Analytical Application for Cricket using Moneyball techniques : Implemented “sabremetrics” in the cricketing domain(IPL), with the objective of optimizing the team composition/performance given the domain-specific constraints.

AI in Car Racing Games : Developed an artificially-intelligent car racing agent, given the external stimulus, like the race map and car positions for “The Open Racing Car Simulator” (TORCS), implemented in C/C++, which provided the framework to implement various algorithms.

Early Warning Systems for Epidemic Diseases using Social Media : Implemented an early warning system for epidemic diseases by analysing trends and anomalies on social media platforms like Twitter.


Trump-Detect : Wrote the Face Recognition Module for TrumpCat, a Chrome Extension that detects images of Donald Trump and replaces them with those of cats. Enjoy a Trump-less Internet!


Monica : Monica is a command line chef that brings you tasty food. Integrated with Zomato API, available as a Python Package!

Wolfe : Wolfe is a Command Line app that makes development easier by automatically showing you the StackOverflow page of the last error you encountered. Available as a Python Package!


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