You're gonna die

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Life is very much like a school examination - You know that you’ll attempt Section B after you’ll attempt Section A. You know that you go to college after you pass high school. You know that if you copy from the topper, you’ll pass the exam. It’s all very deterministic. The only difference is, IRL, you never know when the inviligator is going to take away your sheet.

It is probably the only given in this flux-driven world of ours, and even then, we disregard it like a distant reality not be thought of!
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living The shark is simultaneously life and death incarnate in a way you don’t quite grasp until you see it, suspended and silent, in its tank. - The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

Now, I am not going to talk about nihilism or existentialism. I just want to drive home the point that we all are mortals living out the days we have! As Derek Muller says, “Your days are numbered. You don’t know what that number is, but it’s finite… so get busy with what it is you want to do!”

To the 15-year old worried about your exam, To the 28-year old worried about your appraisal, To the 40-year old worried about your home loan, To the 60-year old worried about your retirement plan – chill out! You are incredibly lucky to have been handed the number of days that you have. It’s like being handed a million dollar cheque and you complain that you didn’t get a billion.

The Pale Blue Dot The Pale Blue Dot

If you are doing something you don’t enjoy, quit it. Period. Your days in this cosmos are too precious to be wasted on doing something that you don’t like. If you are not excited about waking up the next morning, get excited!

Don’t procrastinate your life…Find what you love. And do it for every single day of your life!

Later folks!

“The marvellous truth of it all is death is such a gift, because the only reason that we die is that we even live” - Hank Green

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