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This video has really hit home.

DO MORE – I’ve been trying to follow this advice for the past 5-6 months now, and I’ve felt more productive overall. Whenever I get the feeling of slacking down, I get my Evernote up and start working on whatever I can strike of!

Procrastination is the Instant Gratification monkey, says Tim Urban from WaitButWhy. I seriously believe it ranks in one of the top human traits - so strong that you can completely do the opposite of what you want to do. I’ve watched movies back-to-back the day before my end-sems. I’ve seen people put off difficult tasks indefinitely, and enter in their browsers.

There is no point in watching YouTube videos and reading Medium articles on whatever project you’re working on. There is no point in having meetings whiteboarding your plans, while nothing substantial is happening on the ground. The only way to solve a problem is to solve it. Period.

To beat the instant gratification monkey, I’ve got to have a plan. The long-term goals of any project should be crystal clear – the imagery should be perfect. Novak Djokovic had dreamt of lifting the Wimbledon all his life, and that is why he put in the hours. That is why he didn’t skip practice when he wanted to go to a stupid movie.

As Casey Neistat says, “Without a goal, you cannot score.”

I’ve been microjournalling since the past semester – jotting down the tasks that need to be completed every day, and every night I strike down what has been accomplished. It helps me in rating my productivity – the aim is to push myself further everyday. This blog is another attempt to keep myself accountable to my goals. I don’t know what would work for you – but it is not definitely reading articles or watching videos.

Alright… I should get back to work, or it would be a terrible irony!


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