Placed at Myntra!

18 Aug 2016 . category: Roadmap . Comments
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It’s 2:50 in the A.M. as I sit down after an intensely blurry day at the Placement Unit Office. The onslaught started at 8 A.M. and didn’t stop till 5 in the evening. I was sent to appear for Cisco’s online test at 5, but left it midway when the confirmation came in by 5:30! It doesn’t feel different than any other day, just get the feel I’ve ticked off one of the socially defined checkboxes in life.

The past two weeks have not been easy, but I’d managed to keep myself optimistic and hopeful throughout. Worrying and crying hasn’t got anyone anywhere – Kick the self-doubt and work on what you can!

A good piece of advice I got during the process was that companies accepting or rejecting my application does not validate my abilities. Self-awareness is the key – no company or individual can define who I am or what I want to become. “Tell me about Yourself” is just a twisted way of testing a person’s self-awareness.

Next course of action – The plan is to go on a week-long trip to Delhi and Dharamshala(hopefully), we seriously need a break! Now, I can work on so many of the pending projects and participate in all of the hackathons. Gonna work the shit out of my psenti sem!

That’s it folks!


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